umbrellasBarbara Rosenberg is a "Documentary Street Photographer". She continues to push the boundaries of genre classification by following her artistic and journalistic sensibilities.

Street Photography - quickwiki.com
Street photography is an art photography that features the human condition within public places and does not necessitate the presence of a street or even the urban environment. The subject of the photograph might be absent of people and can be object or environment where the image projects a decidedly human character in facsimile or aesthetic.
Framing and timing are key aspects of the craft, with the aim of creating images at a decisive or poignant moment.

Street photography versus Documentary photography
Street photography and documentary photography can be very similar genres of photography that often overlap while having distinct individual qualities. Documentary style is defined by its premeditated message and intention to record particular events in history and time. The documentary approach includes aspects of journalism, art, education, sociology and history.

It is precisely for these reasons .. combining the aspects of Art, Cultural and Regional History with Photographic Journalism, that Barbara is a pioneer in this creative field.

Viewing Barbara's portfolio of work in her Gallery, will take you along on her artistic, photographic documentation of the people, places, history and events she has encountered in her world travels.